Scale your agency.

Hunch helps agencies to deliver advanced, intelligent marketing strategies for their clients on Paid Social. Turn data into 1000s of creatives while automating all campaign and optimization aspects.


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Increase client count without increasing headcount

Heiman Safeen
Heiman SafeenSenior Growth Marketer at Genero

“We’re running over 700 Facebook ads, with scaled spending and improved results, and we reduced our workload to automate ad delivery with a 62% CAC drop.”

See How

See How


Save time & resources

With Hunch your agency can develop, scale, and manage client campaigns at a fraction of the cost currently required. Finally eliminate redundant manual campaign management tasks to save time and effort.

You can deliver more to your clients by:

  • Being able to do whatever you imagine on Paid Social
  • Turning your data into thousands of personalized image & video ads you can use on native Paid Social platforms
  • Automating creative updates, campaign delivery,
    reporting, and ad management across all channels


Win more clients with innovative solution

Our model is agency-first, so we focus on helping you deliver more value to your clients by:

  • Supporting your activity and enabling you to work efficiently
  • Building case studies and proofs of concepts that tap into innovative solutions
  • Amplifying your creative production
  • Getting top performance using advanced automation playbooks


24/7 Expert Support

We make sure you never have to compete for our attention. Each client gets their dedicated CS Manager. All our managers are certified blueprint experts for Meta. We help onboard, educate, co-manage, upsell and build custom solutions or integrations for your clients.

Tap into Hunch experts for:

  • Expert campaign audit, analytics and planning
  • Best practice campaign setup and optimization
  • Profitable scaling strategies and playbooks that work
  • Full creative and production services, on request

Better accounts structuring & control

Have direct overview and better control of all the users and accounts.

Multiple ad platforms integration

Import, transform and set up your product feed to be omnichannel – Facebook, Google, TikTok and Snapchat-ready.

Advanced Feed management solutions

Manage your data much faster, better, all by yourself, without needing an external administrative team to do that for you.

Dynamic Image Templates

Create stunning dynamic designs from product data with our Hunch Creative Studio even if you don’t have an in-house design team.

Dynamic Video Templates

Create and launch 1000s of customized videos. Test unlimited offers, targets, and emotional triggers through videos.

Multiple formats & channels

Automatically produce additional formats for all required placements for different channels.

Faster creative testing

Find out what works for who by quickly testing and iterating through targeting and design.

Easy campaign setup

Save time and effort with automation with the fastest and most intuitive interface for scaling markets and products.

Automated campaign creation

Build custom CSV and XML feeds to generate ads based on data like weather, location or any custom feed.

Dynamic video campaigns

Deliver high-converting video ad campaigns for Paid Social in an optimized process with many ad variations.

Faster workflow

Eliminate manual work and get more sleep time with automated ad operations and creative production.

Advanced optimization

Capture your winning strategy by creating bid, budget & creative rules with triggers that are checked every 5 minutes.

3rd-party data integrations

Combine analytics from a 3rd-party tool with Facebook data to optimize campaigns and performance.

Reporting capabilities

Build custom reports using campaign, creative or product data.

Slack & e-mail alerts

Push all important alerts to the entire team in Slack or e-mail and get notified on all devices.