Scale your agency.

Rely on Hunch to automatically produce hundreds of data-driven image and video ads while automating all campaign management and optimization. Scale creatives, not budgets.

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Increase Client Count Without Increasing Headcount

Julieta Pamo Rabaje
Julieta Pamo RabajePerformance Manager at Ukelele

“With a 60% increase in efficiency using automated rules and dynamic ads with custom image and video templates, Hunch helped us streamline our workflow and increase ROI for our clients.”

See How

See How

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Save Time & Resources.

With Hunch your agency can develop, scale, and manage client campaigns at a fraction of the cost currently required. Finally eliminate redundant manual campaign management tasks to save time and effort.

Grow your client base with:

  • Automated Facebook & Google ad management using rules
  • Automated campaign creation using data (ie. Google Sheet)
  • Hunch Creative Studio for both image & videos


Win more clients with innovative solution

Having Hunch as a technology partner means we’ll work with you to build amazing client solutions that will help you separate your agency’s brand from the rest of the crowd.

As your technology partner, Hunch can:

  • Craft winning pitches that tap into innovative solutions
  • Amplify your creative production (dynamic images and videos)
  • Get top performance using advanced automation playbooks

Hunch Studio


24/7 Expert Support

Give your agency’s teams access to best practices & always-on support. We help onboard, educate, and co-manage all technical issues related to Facebook questions.

Tap into Hunch experts for:

  • Facebook technical issues (pixels, feeds, events, etc)
  • Best practice campaign setup and optimization
  • Profitable scaling strategies and playbooks that work

Easy Campaign Setup

Fastest and most intuitive interface for scaling markets and products. Save time and effort with automation

Smart Campaign Creation

One-stop solution for campaign planning, budget allocation, and campaign timeline tracking

Faster Workflow

Eliminate manual work with automated ad operations and creative production. Lower the workload

Dynamic Image Templates

Create stunning dynamic designs with our Hunch Studio even if you’re not a designer. Combine with product data.

Dynamic Video Campaigns

Create and launch thousands of customized videos. Test unlimited offers, targets, and emotional triggers in videos.

Advanced Optimization

Capture your winning strategy by creating bid, budget, creative rules with triggers that get checked every 5 minutes

Faster Creative Testing

Test and iterate quickly through design and targeting. Find out WHAT works for WHO

GA Integration

Combine Google Analytics and Facebook data to optimize performance and campaigns

Better Customer LTV

Shorten time to conversion, reduce the number of abandoned carts, increase number of returning customers

Slack & Email Alerts

Push all important alerts to the entire team in Slack or Email and get notified on your phone

Automated Ads

Build custom CSV and XML feeds to generate ads based on the data like weather, location or any custom feed

Account Groups

Ensure cross account time efficiency and performance with advanced automation. Create logical groups for different brands or clients