Hi guys. Welcome to our monthly changelog. You can read about the latest features and improvements that Hunch dev team brought to you in April 2019. They are updates to the Hunch Library, Lead Forms, and Instant Experience Canvases.

Hunch Library

We’ve rearranged a few things in our Hunch Library so that you can now attach Catalogs and Pages to specific Groups. Prior to this change all Catalogs and Pages were managed in the library regardless of the Group they were attached to.

hunch library

Catalogs and pages are stored in a Group’s library.

This rearrangement will make it easier for those of you managing different ad accounts within Hunch and wanting to group and view the corresponding Catalogs and Pages.

Lead Forms

Last month we unveiled our new Lead Generation option on Hunch. This month we give you the opportunity to not only connect pre-existing forms created on Facebook, but to create them from scratch within Hunch.