Have you ever created a Facebook Ad and only later realized you are sending traffic to a page that does not work?

It happens, right. Facebook’s cash bleed is real.

Link Checker is a Hunch rule that is set to check all URLs for a campaign and ensures that your ads are delivering traffic to pages that are working.

Link Checker Setup:

Create a Strategy called Check URLs

Add a new Alert. You can also monitor response times

condition hunch

With alerts, you can monitor response times.

When you create an alert to check your ad URLs, you can have it be checked every 10min.

Be sure to choose a Slack channel so that the entire team can be alerted once Hunch finds a bad URL so an action to fix it can be taken right away.

notifications link checker

Send alerts to your entire team when Hunch finds a bad URL.

You can find out more about how Hunch can help you rectify broken links by scheduling a FREE strategy call.