Mark Zuckerberg opened the two-day event.

The overarching theme of the opening keynote was “the future is private.”
It was particularly interesting to hear how a social network built off of users’ personal information could thrive by upping the privacy levels.
But for now, it seems as though Facebook has thought of almost everything.

I’m actually quite excited to see what unfurls. Here are some of the updates that were announced in a nutshell:

Shopping and donating to your favorite causes on Instagram

  • Scrolling through and see something you like on your favorite influencer? Soon you’ll be able to buy without leaving the Instagram app. This feature will only be available for select influencers and brands.
  • Introducing new donation stickers will make it easier to raise money for charity in the US.
  • A new camera design that gives users quick access to effects and interactive stickers, including the Donation Sticker.
  • Instagram will test hiding “likes” in Canada so that users can “focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get”.

Facebook Marketplace “lifting barriers”

  • Buyers to purchase items directly from Facebook Marketplace.
  • Sellers will be able to ship items anywhere in the continental US and select from a variety of carriers.

Facebook and Messenger updates

  • Will be lighter and faster.
  • Messenger users will be able to message or video chat directly with Whatsapp and Instagram users within the app
  • All Messenger communications will eventually be end-to-end encrypted by default
  • “Meet New Friends” is now an opt-in tool on Facebook
  • Facebook Events tab that makes it easier to find out what’s happening nearby and offers recommendations for things to do.
  • Groups tab on Facebook is revamped some that users can see Groups activity more clearly and share content directly to groups.
  • Messenger is coming to desktop! Available for Mac and Windows, the app will include audio calls, group video calls, and many other features from the mobile app.

Other updates included news about the Oculus Quest and Rift S VR headsets, WhatsApp calls and Amazon Prime video supported by Facebook Portal, the Facebook Secret Crush dating app and Instagram to combat bullying.

So Facebook has some exciting things in store for us. Whilst it continues to connected people around the globe it has the extra challenge of safeguarding its users and data.

How do you think these updates will influence your Facebook Ad strategy?

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