Grow your customers with paid social on autopilot.

We are your partner that drives the best possible results on paid social by using advanced social advertising processes – at scale.

Start for Free

Find and convert new customers.

Create an automated campaign creation processes that always promotes your top products to new audiences by leveraging your revenue data or transactions from all channels.


Launch Awesome Customer Journeys.

Convert the traffic you already have by automatically launching highly personalized customer journeys that show the right product, to the right person, at the right time.


Fuel your growth with automation experts.

Tap into our in-house automation experts to help you leverage the smart technology so your can create customized prospecting and retargeting experiences that will help your brand grow profitably.


Power your brand with a unique partner.

We combine the latest trends in performance creatives, data, and automation to constantly drive better results for brands. Our partnership means we’ll work with you on strategy and execution while keeping your quarterly north star metrics front and center.

Easy Campaign Setup

Fastest and most intuitive interface for scaling markets and products. Save time and effort.

Campaign Templates

Pre define repetitive campaign information to quickly autofill new campaigns on the fly

Faster Workflow

Cut manual and boring work and scale your strategy with continued A/B testing.

Design Templates

Create stunning designs with our Hunch Studio even if you’re not a designer by using ad design templates, shapes, images

Dynamic Image Templates

Turn your static product images into fresh creatives for prospecting and retargeting by adding custom overlays

Advanced Optimization

Capture your winning strategy by creating bid, budget, creative rules with triggers that get checked every 5 minutes

Ad Rotation

Keep your creatives fresh and drop poor performing ads and rotate based on performance, frequency, and time

GA Integration

Analyze Facebook campaign data with Google Analytics metrics (i.e. revenue, transactions, bounce rate, time on site)

Automated UTM Tracking

No more UTM mess. Set your UTM structure at the account level and get a unique ids for each ad launched

Slack & Email Alerts

Push all important alerts to the entire team in Slack or Email and get notified on your phone

Automated Ads

Build custom CSV and XML feeds to generate ads based on the data like weather, sports, etc.

Account Groups

Create logical groups for different brands or clients. Add ad accounts and GA analytics.