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Fight against ad fatigue, effortlessly

Put more into the retargeting Facebook DPA experience. Get more out of it!

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Leverage DPAs with custom templates

Enhanced Facebook DPA leverages content that captures the audience’s attention and tells a story. A custom image template will make your ads stand out in the newsfeed and finally influence your ROAS.



Beat Ad Fatigue with enriched Brand-Centric ads

Primarily optimized to tell brand stories, while also driving return from engaged audiences. This ad leverage imagery that best correlates with branding, dynamically adding the brand logo and product price from the product feed.



Make your Ads Shine – Use SlideShow DPA

Slideshow DPA uses additional images from product feeds to create individual slideshows in the carousel format with engaging templates. Unlock additional images from your Shopify store and utilize them in a slideshow format of Facebook DPA.


Test different price Positions

Remember, these аre retargeting ads, shoppers, already saw your product in an online store. Be more aggressive by highlighting a price. Test with different positions on the ad. You can use even your brand’s font on price value.


Performance Focused ads

Keep in mind that it’s never too late for sale. Now that your products are on sale, re-engage users that have shown interest in collections prior to sale with a discounted product set. Make sure that the discounted price is visible in your Facebook DPA on mobile.

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Persuade at BOF

Engage more interested shoppers. Show the exact price, and the strikethrough price, for items in your catalog. This type of communication will persuade users at the bottom stage of the funnel.

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Show the right Ads to the right audience

Leverage the power of dynamic creative for a personalized buying experience. Unlock the opportunity to have different designs for different genders. Add product name with the brand font to ensure higher CTR.

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Make my logo Bigger, make my CPA lower

Use the power of the brand. Familiarity with a brand is particularly important for achieving high acquisition and retention rates. You can set the position and size of the logo at will, and it will be executed for the whole product feed.

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Name your Promotion and Highlight Deals

Adding a discount is effective for short promotion campaigns. Rich text descriptions highlight what makes the promotion a great deal in that particular campaign. In the Facebook DPA game, it’s crucial that your discount price is accurate and that it matches the price on your product page.

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Align your Ads with Brand

There is an important distinction between knowing a brand and connecting with it. Ensure that your branded ads are top of mind with brand image ad templates.