“Engaging with customers doesn’t have to
be boring. You can increase results drastically by using
contextual campaigns.”

Ivana Filimonović, Head Of Performance Marketing Department at PopUp


How Sport Vision Personalized Paid Social Ads with Weather-Based Creative

Sport Vision is the leader in the sports apparel market in Southeast Europe, operating in nine countries. With an in-depth and wide collection of different training equipment and sports apparel, it covers the needs of your wardrobe for every season long.

Their marketing agency PopUp Advertising recognized early that personalization of user experience is required so Sport Vision can stand out and increase ad recall and sales from paid social. As the end result, Sport Vision was able to create 820 personalized, weather-based ads that engaged with their target audience in a fraction of the time while also increasing ROAS.


In a highly competitive environment, Sport Vision wanted to stand out and promote a new product line to its customers. And, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many brands started operating online while pausing offline sales, forcing Sport Vision and to start innovating even more.

They wanted to bring paid social to a new level with high-impact personalized advertising.


Sport Vision and its marketing agency, PopUp, teamed up with Hunch to personalize their creative campaigns in order to increase their relevance and boost sales.

The key is to be as relevant as possible in combination with the perfect timing.

SV weather ads

The solution was weather-based ads.

In order to accomplish this, PopUp used two types of data sets:

  • 1st party data from Sport Vision – such as products, product images, discounts, pricing, user behavior data, website tracking data, and more.
  • 3rd party data from Facebook, Google and Hunch – such as locations, time of the day and weather in different places.

Sport Vision was able to create and automate over 820 unique ads, in a short time.

These ads were personalized by:

  • Weather
  • Location
  • The current time of the day

Sport Vision’s data was used to segment products by weather conditions and popularity.

On top of that, the ads displayed to their customers have been automatically changed each hour according to the customer’s time of the day.

weather dpa SV

In order to maximize the conversion rate, the target audience who hadn’t yet made any purchase was later targeted with different Facebook ads, showcasing recommendations for running gear, hiking, summer sports, or casual wear.


With the help of Hunch and Pop up agency, Sport Vision was able to deliver personalized and pertinent offers at every moment and send customers to online store.

Their final output was over 820 creatives across all Facebook and Instagram formats, with 70 highly personalized creatives active each hour.

This campaign ran live for two weeks, and there were 20.160 updates within the campaign (the weather in the ads was updated every hour each day).

This is an example of a true, data-driven dynamic social that brings real results. Executed in just a fraction of the time.

“Engaging with your consumers through paid social doesn’t have to be boring. In fact – you can increase your results drastically by using contextual campaigns.“ Ivana Filimonović, Content & Head Of Performance Marketing Department at PopUp

One of the ways to do that is to use weather-based campaigns.

However, you don’t want to spend 10 hours each day designing creatives and manually switching your ads on or off on Facebook business manager, right?

If you want to personalize and contextualize your campaigns, sign-up for a free strategy call with Hunch’s team.

Sport Vision is the leader in the sports apparel market in Southeast Europe, operating in nine countries.

E-commerce and Retail, Apparel

Belgrade, Serbia

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