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Provide great ads all the time with Dynamic Creative

Hunch is a dynamic creative platform that helps marketers generate highly-personalized creatives and automate media buying processes. Hunch helps you focus on what matters most – Growth.

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Global companies use Hunch to deliver personalized experiences.

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Activate data to create campaigns that put your consumer first

Hunch helps your data, creative, and media work together across the entire customer journey. Create beautiful ads that respond intelligently to each user and touch point.

Combine branding and direct-response elements across all parts of the funnel. Reach the right audience, with relevant creatives at the right moment with Hunch DCO. Automate data and content to gain scale and efficiency.


Automate creative production and delivery

Seamlessly create or repurpose thousands of assets. Scale across formats, placements and social channels while reducing launch times from days to hours.

Use Hunch’s Creative Studio to create a personalized on-brand image and video ads through the centralized data center. Download creatives and easily leverage omnichannel campaigns.

Deliver up-to-date creative to the right people. Use smart rules to combine campaign and analytics data to increase creative testing efficiency.


Unlock creative insights and get better results with the same budget

You know that data-driven ads work, but you don’t know which ones work. Leverage granular creative insights to inform key insights that feed future creative optimization. Easily test and optimize creative strategies.

Hunch supports creative optimization towards 1st, 3rd party and custom metrics across all optimization and automation features.


Gain more relevancy with hyper-localized ads

Automate hyper-localization at scale and save your team countless hours of time. Launch granular campaigns with their strategies in each market. Keep all your feeds synced.

Personalize offers by adding local data from the feed: map, city images, landmarks, weather or language, and easily launch multi-regional campaigns.

Fully automate social advertising and have more sleep time

  • Launch complex feed campaigns in a simpler way.

  • Automate campaign optimization.

  • Remove manual work and reduce launch times.

  • Service and strategic expertise.

Hunch is a Meta Business Partner.

Still not convinced?

Read an in-depth article to see why all top brands use dynamic creative.

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Still not convinced?

Read an in-depth article to see why all top brands use dynamic creative.