How does Hunch work?

Hunch integrates media, creative and data into one platform so you can unify your brand experience across channels with dynamic personalization and focus on growth.

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Connect your data to Hunch

By connecting product, location or any third-party data important to you to Hunch, you’ll reduce time-to-market and turn data into up-to-date personalized creative.

Hunch features an open-data platform with comprehensive data management solutions and supports all major feed types.


Get creative and design dynamic templates both for images and video

Build personalized creative using your data. Hunch’s powerful platform lets you automate creative production through the use of dynamic templates. Deliver experiences specific to each audience. Download and use creative for any channel.


Deliver personalized omnichannel experiences in minutes

With your designs in place, ad campaigns are automatically created based on your feed. Defined by campaign goals, ad operations are carried out to deliver experiences specific to each person. Drive operational efficiencies with workflow automation.


Make data-driven decisions to optimize campaign performance

Unlock deeper insights and measure omnichannel results to optimize campaign delivery and improve business results. Gain creative and user insights by using multiple data points and analytics platforms to enable rapid campaign performance enhancement.


Keep growing your business with Hunch

Hunch can help you make an impact and add value in the most meaningful way without spending too much time and resources. Consistently drive operational efficiencies, revenue uplifts, and faster go-to-market initiatives.

Global companies use Hunch to deliver
personalized experiences.

Who uses Hunch?

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