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Considering a Bannerflow alternative?
Meet Hunch.

Hunch is a popular Bannerflow alternative. It is both a creative management platform and a campaign management tool, making it an ideal choice for Paid Social advertising. Hunch places a strong emphasis on creative intelligence and workflow automation, which makes it an end-to-end solution for running Paid Social campaigns.

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Bannerflow or Hunch?

Why Hunch is the right move for your business?
  • Hunch specializes in serving performance marketing agencies and SMBs for  end-to-end Paid Social advertising

  • Hunch provides a tailored solution for companies wanting to target specific customers, while Bannerflow focuses more on the creative generation process

  • Hunch’s Creative Studio offers the same creative automation features but also places a strong emphasis on workflow automation and creative intelligence

  • Both Hunch and Bannerflow have a creative management platform but when it comes to edge-cases and advanced features, Hunch takes the cake

  • Hunch is completely transparent with its pricing structure and only charges based on ad spend going through our platform

  • Hunch offers a set of on-brand templates for each onboarded client

  • Hunch offers a comprehensive degree of integrations with all major 3rd-party platforms

Global companies use Hunch to deliver
personalized experiences.


Still not convinced?

Find out the difference between Hunch and Bannerflow in our detailed comparison guide.