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Considering a Celtra alternative?
Meet Hunch.

Celtra is a great company, but their focus is primarily on the production aspect of the creative process. With Hunch, you get full stack social integration, from dynamic ad production to campaign management and workflow automation. If you want to extend your dynamic creative onto Paid Social – that’s where Hunch comes in.

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Celtra or Hunch?

Why Hunch is the right move for your business?
  • Hunch is an automated creative and media buying platform that gives you an edge to grow on Paid Social

  • Celtra has pricing based on creative production, while Hunch is basing the pricing only on ad spend going through our platform

  • Unlike Celtra, Hunch offers both automation of creative production and campaign management

  • With Hunch you can seamlessly create or repurpose thousands of assets. Scale across formats, placements and social channels easily

  • Use Hunch’s Creative Studio to produce both personalized image and video ads using a data center based on location, offer, or any trigger

  • Turn any feed into the campaign and keep it synced. It’s the easiest setup for launching multi-regional campaigns and cross-account workflows.

  • We put the same focus on both SMBs and enterprise-level companies. Our support team got your back

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Global companies use Hunch to deliver
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Still not convinced?

Find out the difference between Hunch and Celtra in our detailed comparison guide.