Increase Roas

Offline store promotion / Inventory Cleaning

What value this
Playbook brings:

Having multiple stores usually means that different items can stay high in stock, sell better or worse. For this process to become more agile, you need a system to launch quickly customized promotions at scale.



Hunch automated campaign system can use any user-generated data to run creative campaigns.
Setting up a feed of stores and targeting promotions to individual stores enables you to drive interest to stores that can serve them.

Live Solution:

Gigatron unlocked this playbook, allowing their store managers to launch promotions for products that they want to clear quickly.

Hunch launched a campaign shell and creative template while store managers had to go into a spreadsheet, select the products, and decide a discount.

With this set, these would launch automatic campaigns that are targeted at store locations to drive foot traffic and increase sales for products that are high in stock.

Keeping this open to store managers allowed the quick system responsivity and ability to launch promotions rapidly.

Goal 01

Save production time.

Goal 02

Automate Workflow.

Goal 03

Increase ROAS.

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