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From awareness to performance: turn Paid Social for betting into a performance marketing channel. Generate highly personalized and contextualized betting and gambling offers, while keeping up with real-time changes in offers and promotions.

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Win the race with real-time changes in the betting industry

Combat the dynamic nature of the betting industry with nifty technology that helps you avoid generic and outdated ads. Leverage the Hunch platform to connect the live odds feed directly to your ads in real-time.

Grab the attention of the users that can help you increase user activation, improve retention and maximize acquisition.

Automate the production of personalized offers

Use automation to create 1000+ different ads for 1000+ different matches, and generate only relevant and personalized offers for betting ads on Paid Social.

By automating the production of personalized offers you’ll forget about manual updating, and you will make your team’s job more efficient.

Stand out with dynamic casino and gambling ads

Use the power of enhanced data-driven ads to stand out from generic ones. Automate promotions for individual games, such as poker or roulette, or for categories (mobile/desktop, new/popular).

Create multiple creatives for video and image formats, and personalize gambling ads on Facebook for both acquisition and retention audiences.

Let workflow automation do the job for you

Don’t launch just another betting or gambling campaign. With workflow automation, you can use the right data to create engaging creatives that resonate with your audience and stand out with highly-personalized offers.

Workflow automation lets you advertise thousands of different matches and games each day without hiring more teammates.

Mozzart Bet unlocked Paid Social and got 5x ROAS uplift

Mozzart Bet has more than 900 betting retail locations. With Hunch, Mozzart Bet unlocked Paid Social as a channel and transformed it from a platform aimed at building brand awareness to a performance marketing channel without investing more resources.

Global companies use Hunch to deliver
personalized experiences.

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