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Considering a Smartly alternative?
Meet Hunch.

Smartly is a great company, but they are now more focused on enterprise and companies with a huge amount of spend. What differentiates Hunch as a smaller company, is that we put a bigger focus on people and process. From a technology perspective, our offering is similar but different in approach to delivering the full solution. Also, we don’t discriminate based on how much of a blue-chip logo we’re dealing with.

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Smartly or Hunch?

Why Hunch is the right move for your business?
  • Hunch is more specialized in creative solutions

  • Our pricing is based on ad spend that goes only through Hunch platform

  • Hunch provides you with a dedicated team to support you through the learning phase

  • We’re definitely more competitively priced than Smartly

  • Hunch creates a tailored solution for your business when needed

  • You’ll never have to compete for our attention to get things done

  • Hunch creates on-brand image and video ad templates for each onboarded client

Global companies use Hunch to deliver
personalized experiences.


Still not convinced?

Find out the difference between Hunch and Smartly in our detailed comparison guide.