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Generate thousands of engaging ads with creative automation

Outstanding technology that beats all your creative production challenges. Highly-personalized creatives. On demand. On-brand. At scale. Without limits.

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From concept to ad-ready creative in minutes

No more struggling with the burden of content production. Forget the manual work, creative automation is a turn-key solution because it allows you to focus on building the best creative, while production is happening seamlessly in the background.

You can have Meta, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube-ready placemats in all sizes. Produce thousands of video and image creatives at once. Optimize creative collaboration between teams, effortlessly run omnichannel campaigns, and get the job done faster than ever.

Brand consistency with dynamic templates

Leverage the Hunch Creative Studio with dynamic templates for both image and video formats.

The Studio mimics tools familiar to designers and marketers, so all the features allow you to create or import brand-specific templates easily and check if everything looks good. Then let the automation do its amazing part – produce unlimited variations of creatives with different products and motivators.

Don’t stop at creative automation: launch omnichannel campaigns

With the Hunch platform, automation doesn’t end with creatives. Hunch lets you run the campaign on Meta, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube, test the variations based on creative insights and automate the campaign’s workflow.

Automate your social advertising from the first to the last step – from an idea to performance.

Global companies use Hunch to deliver
personalized experiences.


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Learn how to erase creative limits with creative automation and see what challenges you can overcome using it.