“We 30X our ROAS with Hunch and our custom image templates”

Ivan Kordic, Web Manager at Gigatron


Gigatron gets a 30x ROAS on retargeting using custom images in their DPAs

Gigatron is a leader in the technology market in Serbia with a comprehensive offer of IT services, consumer electronics and home appliances. They experienced 30x return by A/B testing creatives at scale within Hunch. This enabled them to consistently run ads that convert.


Gigatron’s online store was getting great traffic for months, but the web shop team was struggling to get good performance from paid social ads. With the most important month of the year coming up, “The Black November” or “Black Friday” sales, Gigatron needed to make sure all potential customers were not left behind during the weekly specials.


Hunch utilized Gigatron’s awesome designs to create stunning DPA custom image templates that would bring customers back to the store.

Hunch took the static design from the Gigatron team, and created dynamic designs which would be applied to the entire product store. At any given moment, Gigatron would test different dynamic creatives for each of their product sets. This way, each product set would get a customized DPA design fit for its need.

gigatron dynamic ads

Overall, 200k unique images were created for Gigatron’s Black November campaigns.

We chose different layers and parameters to measure how much creative design affected traffic.

Our Hunch platform made it possible to easily create and test various creatives, launch them, set rules and alerts that would notify them of key metrics without having to leave the Hunch platform.


The Gigatron / Hunch partnership proved to be a success. Gigatron saw a 30x return on ad spend, better customer engagement, and the most transaction in one month ever.

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Gigatron is the leading consumer electronics store in Serbia. Having started out as a small store in Banovo Brdo, the company has grown into one of the most prestigious retail chain stores in Serbia. It has a comprehensive offer of IT devices, consumer electronics and home appliances. The company currently has over 500 employees.


Belgrade, SRB

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