“Hunch has turned our Paid Social from brand awareness into a performance marketing channel.

Petar Vlaisavljevic, Internet marketing manager


Mozzart Bet Turned Social from Brand Awareness Into a Performance Channel

Mozzart Bet, founded in 2001, is one of the leading betting companies in East Europe with more than 900 betting shops.

Mozzart Bet wanted to unlock paid social as a channel and transform it from a platform aimed at building brand awareness to a performance marketing channel, without investing more resources.

Their team partnered up with Hunch to automate their paid social advertising campaigns, reduce internal operations and improve ROI. As a result, Mozzart Bet is now able to promote various betting offers with high-quality creatives in a fraction of the time.


Betting is a very dynamic industry with a lot of constantly changing trends. Mozzart Bet’s challenge was to present as many of their offers and promotions as possible in real-time, while also minimizing the consumption of internal resources.

However, creating the process through which Mozzart Bet can make 100+ creatives based on live data, publish them and manage all those campaigns requires huge manpower.

In such a dynamic market, it’s almost impossible to constantly create, test and advertise different promotions without spending a fortune on internal resources.

The goal was to automate the process of advertising on Facebook and Instagram and to reduce internal operational work while increasing Mozzart Bet’s ROI.

That’s why Mozzart Bet partnered up with Hunch.


When Mozzart Bet started its collaboration with Hunch, they were able to produce 100+ high-quality creatives pretty quickly, promoting with different offers and betting trends in no time.

mozzart bet ads

This allowed Mozzart Bet to create and automate many campaigns in real-time, as offers change, without hiring more in-house people.


Mozzart Bet managed to turn its’ social channel from brand awareness into a performance channel.

Spending less time on operational work and investing more efforts into the strategy itself helped Mozzart Bet to improve their ROI and get better results with fewer resources.

If you would like to find out more about how Hunch can help you automate your social advertising processes and create more high-quality campaigns in less time, schedule a call with our customer success team.

Mozzart Bet, founded in 2001, is one of the leading betting companies in East Europe.

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Belgrade, SRB

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