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Dominate Social Commerce with Hunch

Performance marketers use Hunch to build highly contextual customer journeys on Facebook and Instagram and deliver the right creative at the right time leading to better engagement.

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Attract and Convert with Personalized Product Offers

  • Unlock product data to deliver Automated & Personalized journeys
  • Combine Brand & Performance on Facebook & Instagram
  • Grab more attention with thousands of contextual images and videos
  • Do more with less – Automate your workflow


Focus on what matters most – Growth

  • Utilize 1st and 3rd party data and launch engaging and personalized creatives that resonate with your audience
  • Grab attention with enhanced ads and help of conditional layers
  • Launch feed-based campaigns where you can add external factors to your campaign
  • Target audiences automatically, localize creative dynamically
  • Advertise thousands of different offers and locations each day


Connect + Design + Launch + Optimize

Connect your data feeds for infinite use cases and testing.
Design smart and scalable image and video templates that are easy for you to manage.
Launch Automated campaigns and ad operation based on feed content.
Optimize performance based on campaign data. Combine human and machine workflows.

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On-Brand creative on Auto-pilot

Dynamic creative templates are aligned with brand kit and narrative. Designed for all products and can easily be tested for different motivators, social proof and other feed data.

Deliver 1000s of image and video ad variations in real-time using Hunch Creative studio.

IMPACT – Higher CTR, Lower CPA


Grab Attention with Localized Creative

Automate the hyper-localization at scale, saving your team countless hours of time. Launch granular campaigns with their strategies in each market.

Personalize offers by adding location data: map, city images, landmarks, weather or language.

IMPACT – Increase engagement, Grow user acquisition


Win by an increasing share of mind and Store Walk-ins

Engage users in relevant and personalized way. Efficiently target people based on time of day for 200+ retail locations and drive in-store traffic.

IMPACT – In-store sales, Ad Recall

Let’s talk about how you can automate social advertising with Hunch

  • Deliver highly personalized and scalable advertising solutions
  • Efficiency through workflow automation

  • Easy Integration

  • Measurable results at scale

  • Extension of your team

  • Best in-class solution support

We are certified Facebook Business Technology partner.

Still not convinced?

Check out our In-Depth Article to understand why all Top Brands use
Dynamic Creative Optimization

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We are certified Facebook Marketing Technology partner.

Still not convinced?
Check out our In-Depth Article to understand why all Top Brands use Dynamic Creative Optimization