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Effortless Dynamic Creative

Unlock Retail & E-commerce Growth with Automation for Facebook and Instagram. Do more with less, scale creatives not budgets.

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Trusted by world’s most innovative global brands and agencies

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Short Staffed on Paid Social?

  • Combine Brand + Performance at Scale with small team
  • Produce lots of image and videos to get more attention
  • Create Automated & Personalized customer journeys at scale

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The right offer. For the right person.

At the right time.

See how your highly personalized customer journeys are performing based on your data-driven campaigns optimized for conversion.


Unleash Power of Dynamic Creative

Connect your Google Sheets, XML, CSV, JSON, or others! We support all major feed types out-of-the-box and can map any kind of product feed.

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Creatives + Data + Automation

Hunch is a creative automation platform that combines dynamic video & image production with automated Ad buying. Our creative solutions empower the world’s leading brands and agencies to produce personalized & contextual creatives that drive performance across all Facebook, Instagram, & Google ad formats at scale.

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Design Thousands of Ads at Scale

Creative flexibility gives you the opportunity to deliver 1000s of image and video ad variations in real-time using Hunch Editor.


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WIN by an increasing share of mind and Store Walk-ins

Time Saved Launching Localized Campaigns:

  • 200 Locations
  • x4 Weather Scenarios (Rain, Sun, Snow, Cloudy)
  • x10min editing per Location

133 Man Hours for “Weekly Offers Update

IMPACTIn store sales, Ad Recall

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WIN with On-Brand Engaging Creatives

Creative Production Example:

  • 1500 Products
  • x5 Dynamic Image Templates
  • x2 Testing Emotional Triggers

15,000 Unique Creatives Produced for every Weekly campaign



Hunch Facebook Experts


With Hunch Engineers, it’s Easy to Put Everything in Place

Tap into our in-house automation experts to help you leverage the smart technology so you can create customized prospecting and retargeting experiences that will help your brand grow profitably.


Drive Performance with Personalized Creatives

Ivan Kordic
Ivan KordicWeb Manager at Gigatron
“Producing 1000s of personalized images and videos gave us 30x return on spend.”
Dynamic Product Ads Hunch

Let’s talk about what Hunch Dynamic Creative can do for your business.

  • Deliver highly personalized and scalable advertising solutions.

  • There’s no minimum long term commitment.

  • Seamless Integration.

  • Automate your workflow and scale your campaigns.

  • 24/5 Online Support

Still not convinced?
Check out our In-Depth Article to understand why all Top Brands use Dynamic Creative

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