Air Serbia Scales Facebook Advertising with Dynamic Creative


Online Bookings Soar with Data-Fueled Customer Journeys

Air Serbia is legacy carrier and it is the best airline in the Southeast Europe. In 2019 company flew almost 2.8 million passengers to 61 destinations in the world. In order to achieve even better results, a decision has been made – to keep a leading position and to further improve sales channels.

One of the strategic decisions is channel shift in terms of online sales, that became an important part of airline’s sales strategy.

GOAL – To attract even more online bookings

How to ensure better visibility of the entire portfolio of flights? For a well-established airline, that was a challenging task. In order to conquer it, Air Serbia adopted an innovative approach to improve an online sales funnel. Gaining social presence would be a challenge without highly personalized offers.

For Air Serbia, our goal was to develop a huge number of individual creative assets for each destination. They were localized and allocated to the appropriate parts of the customer journey with limited resources and strict requirements.

SOLUTION – Optimized Customer Journeys for potential flyers

Hunch’s mission was to show that we have a powerful tool that can increase Air Serbia’s campaign presence on social networks, that would grab audience attention, increase flight purchases and do so at a large scale.

In a collaborative effort, Hunch and Agency Drive used Hunch video production tools to produce high impact video post and story format ads. Each ad created unique user experiences for users exploring possible travel destinations whilst browsing Facebook and Instagram.

Once they had visited destination pages on the Air Serbia site, they were then retargeted, based on their site activity.

During the campaign, Hunch produced more than 1400 image ads and 120 video ads, which were fully automated at scale.

Hunch utilized Air Serbia’s unique designs to create Dynamic Image Templates that were A/B tested.

air serbia social ads

Hunch produced more than 1400 image ads and 120 video ads, which were fully automated at scale.

Using flight dynamic ads, Hunch automated a full social media dynamic retargeting campaign system for 73 flights around 54 destinations.


Besides regular campaigns, Air Serbia launched always-on campaigns for each destination. By utilizing feeds and dynamic ads framework, Air Serbia was able to operate effective retargeting and sales campaigns that reduced manual work while keeping users in the funnel.

Air Serbia engaged a large number of people in a meaningful way at a large scale. As a result, campaigns had positive recall of automated video ads, new web-site visitors and higher conversion rate.

Learn more about dynamic creative and use cases here

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Air Serbia is the national airline of the Republic of Serbia and it has been the air transport leader in Southeast Europe since its establishment in 1927. The airline operates under the name Air Serbia since October 2013. From its three hubs in Serbia (Belgrade, Niš, Kraljevo) it flies to 61 passenger and cargo destinations in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, North America, as well as in Africa. The airline also offers long-haul and international destinations in Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, through its codeshare partners and its equity partner, Etihad Airways which holds a 49% share. Air Serbia has been a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 1961. The airline currently operates a fleet of one wide-bodied, 13 narrow-bodied and 6 turboprop aircraft.

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