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Considering a Spirable alternative?
Meet Hunch.

Spirable is a great company, but they are more focused on companies with a huge amount of spend. What differentiates Hunch as a smaller company, is that we put a bigger focus on people and process. From a technology perspective, Spirable is more of a creative versioning tool, with somewhat limited campaign integration capabilities. It’s video-only, focused on building contextual video versioning rather than products and such with minimal data management capabilities.

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Spirable or Hunch?

Why Hunch is the right move for your business?
  • Hunch is a performance partner, not a technology platform

  • We’re basing our pricing on Ad spend that only goes through Hunch which gives you more flexibility than with Spirable’s Flat fees

  • Compared to Spirable, Hunch outperforms in launch times and campaign management which ultimately gets you more sleep time

  • Hunch offers both Dynamic Display and Video, while Spirable is limited to video only

  • With Hunch you can scale and automate creative production

  • With our platform you can unlock creative insights that impact decisions and conversions like never before

  • We help SMBs get the same setup as those brands that have x10 or more bigger ad spend

  • Hunch is an automated creative and media buying platform which gives you an edge to grow on paid Social

  • Take advantage of Hunch’s intuitive platform and get all the help you may need from our dedicated implementation and support team

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